Our project management consultants will work closely with your team to develop and tailor business solutions that are specific to your needs and which meets your current business practices. At PMPC we know that the application of the apropriate technology is essential to satisfy your business needs and to ensure your objectives are met. We work hard with you to make sure this is achievable. PMPC range of services includes:


At the core of PMPC professional services is to provide project management consultancy  to our valued clients. This service includes: setting project management offices, developing project management processes, selecting appropriate software tools, execution strategies and helping with overall project performance and evaluation.


As a professional project management consulting firm, we at PMPC understand the value of training and mentoring of project team members to improve their skills and enhance the likelihood of project success. Our training programs are flexible enough to suit your business needs. We also offer seminars and workshops for senior managers and high level executives


To help complete your projects on time and within budget, it is important to implement the most appropriate software tool that will match your business needs and integrate smoothly with your corporate work processes. At PMPC we will help you select, implement and manage, the application of top of the line project control tools and will provide full training and technical support for our valued clients during project implementation.


A crucial step to the success of any project is to keep the project team on track and to remain focused on the objectives to achieve. Our team building experts help to set up dedicated team building sessions to bring everybody on the same page and break the barriers among team members which will help to facilitate communication and improve performance. Building a cohesive team will help the project to overcome all the obstacles throughout the overall life cycle.


Among the most difficult and challenging tasks for project organizations is to deal with engineering or construction disputes that might occur on a project. Our PMPC experts will help you through the dispute resolution process starting from negotiations to mediation and even through the arbitration process if needed.  


Organizational learning is becoming a vital need for business organizations to survive in a competitive market especially when you are challenged with lack of professional and technical expertise in variety of professions. Delivering Knowledge Management systems and Lessens-learned tools is an essential component to the services we provide.